First Grade Classes

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1/16/23  No School

Expeditionary Learning: Study of the Sun, Moon and Stars

In this module the students are studying the sun, moon and stars through various narrative texts and begin to understand how and why the sun, moon and stars inspire authors.  Students respond to texts through illustrations and written responses.  Students will begin to have conversations around the texts called "Science Talks".

Reader's Workshop

We have started a Unit called Word Detectives.  Students will learn

  • How can I use all the strategies that I know in ways that let me understand and figure out words in the books that I read?
  •  How do I get better at using strategies to figure out hard and new words while I am reading?
  • How can I use what I know about how letters and sounds work to solve tricky words in my books?


Math Module 2:

Introduction to place value using addition and subtraction up to the number 20.  In this module we will extend our work with addition and subtraction to the numbers 1-20, and learn some new strategies along the way.

Key Common Core Standards:

  • Represent and solve problems using addition and subtraction.
  • Understand and apply properties of operations and the relationship between addition and subtraction


Students have been learning about the concept of:

Glued sounds:

  • -ing
  • -ong
  • -ung
  • -ang

Sentence Dictation Procedures:

  • spacing
  • punctuation
  • handwriting (letter formation)

Class Reminders

Please send in tissues.

We will be doing many assessments this month.  Please be sure that your children are in school every day.