Kindergarten Classes

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Please be sure to join Class DoJo.  This is the most effective way to contact your child's teacher.  Please reach out at any time.

Dates to Remember

1/16/23 No School

Monthly Updates



Thank you

We thank all our families for your support.

 Hello January in front of a branch with ice 

Literacy Work

In EL Skills Block the students have been learning the letters A and T.  Next week we will start the letters H and P.  They have also been learning the routines of center time.

In Reading we are learning about pointing to words as well as using pictures to help figure out what is happening in a story.  We are practicing sharing, playing nicely with friends, playing commitments and how to take care of their materials.

In writing we work on sketching and labeling our pictures that tell a story.

Bear Pride Friday

Friday is the day to wear our bear pride colored T-shirts.  Orders can be placed at the school.

Math Work

We have already finished our first unit about shapes.  We have worked independently and in groups.  We use centers to practice our math skills.