NYU Dental

NYU Dental Caried Away Program: NYU College of Dentistry is providing dental screenings and cavity prevention at CS 112.

Caried Away: Bringing Care to Kids

Caried Away Program

Participation is voluntary. No health insurance is required to receive treatment.* Dental services will be provided to students at no out-of-pocket expense and regardless of immigrations status.

Already have a dentist? Fantastic! Our program will compliment the care your child already receives. No shots. No drilling. No pain.

Your child will receive:

  • a dental screening
  • guided tooth-brushing instruction
  • cavity prevention
  • a toothbrush and tube of toothpaste
  • a report of your child's care.

To participate in this program, please read, sign, and return the attached form.
NYU Dentistry cannot provide care for your child without a signed consent form.