Parent Coordinator

Dear Parents / Guardians,

My name is Takia Kinloch and I would like an opportunity to introduce myself as the parent coordinator at Community School 112. I have extensive involvement with working with children as I come with a vast variety of experience. I have worked in the human services field, working with families and children as it relates to planning or ensuring the safety of the children, and helping families with advocating for the needs of the students as it relates to their educational needs. I must say giving back is something that I really enjoy doing. Educationally, I recently completed my Masters Studies at Mercy College in school counseling. While that journey has been very rewarding, I find myself to be passionate about working with children and their families with helping them find their paths within their lives. While the responsibility of being a parent coordinator does come with many rewards, it is not an easy road traveled. However, I am up for the challenge!

As your parent coordinator, I would like for both the students and parents to be aware that I have an open-door policy. I believe in working in collaboration with all on board to ensure that the experience that your child receives is one where they are exhibiting growth social emotionally, academically and career wise. Further, I intend to make the time spent with all whom I am privileged to work with one that is exciting and informative because I intend to work not only with your children, but with you the parents as well.

The goal while working here at the school is to support the staff, students and families. I hope that with your help or suggestions, we can make this school year an exciting and insightful one.

Should you have any comments or suggestions, please feel free to contact me via email at or by calling or texting me at 347-395-5540.

Thank You in Advance,
T. Kinloch
CS 112 Parent Coordinator