Third Grade Classes

Meet the Team

Dr. Saunders

Ms. Mendez

Ms. Gelardo

Ms. Salguero

What Are We Learning?

Eureka Math - Module 2 extends our learning of place value and problem solving with units of measure.

  • Students will begin to draw number lines used to represent time while learning about this topic.
  • Students will measure weight and liquid's volume in metrics.  
  • Students will decompose liters and kilograms.
  • Students will learn how to read a scale.
  • Students will learn how to estimate how much an item weighs.
  • Students will learn how to round to tens and hundreds.
  • Students will be able to solve two and three digit measurement subtraction using the standard algorithm.

Bear Pride Fridays

Please wear our grade color on Fridays.

Bear Pride T-shirts and other spirit wear can be ordered in school.

What Are We Learning In ELA?

Our EL topic is "Overcoming Learning Challenges Near and Far".  This module uses literature and information to introduce our scholars to the power of education and how people around the world overcome learning challenges,

In Unit 1:

  • Our scholars will learn how to identify the central message and consider what key details support that central message.

In Unit 2:

  • Scholars will continue building knowledge and vocabulary related to world geography as they study excerpts from the book, "My Librarian is a Camel".  Students apply their learning by writing a simple informative paragraph about how people access books around the world, focusing on specific librarians and the roles they play.

In Unit 3:

  • Scholars will focus more on what it means to be proficient and independent readers.

Our Writing Focus is on constructing sentences and written responses that contain nouns, verbs, subject, predicate, adjectives and the use of correct punctuation.